Ten Italian food Instagram profiles to get inspired for your dinner (or lunch, or breakfast…)

If you like cooking Italian food Instagram is a great resource. In Italy, as everywhere, there’s plenty of food blogs. It’s enough you have a look to the website of the Italian food blog association to have an idea of what the web offers. Moreover, most of these blogs are in Italian, which makes them less useful for an English speaking audience.
My personal opinion is that what makes a food blog really outstanding are original and stylish photographs. That’s why I’m summarizing here my favourite foodie Instagram profiles. I’m often too lazy to cook something new, but sometimes a nice photo inspires me to try. Sometimes it just makes me hungry!

Una foto pubblicata da La Cucina Italiana (@lacucinaitaliana) in data:

So here’s ten Italian food Instagram profiles you want to follow.

(by the way, it’s not a rank…just picked what I like)

1. La cucina Italiana (@lacucinaitaliana)

Let’s start with the the web version of the historical magazine “La cucina Italiana”. It was published for the first time in 1929, with the aim to promote the traditional Italian cuisine. Publication stopped in 1943 and got back in 1952. The website was activated in 1997, followed by all the social networks. All this background gives this Instagram profile the most professional look. After being prepared by professional chefs, photographs are taken in their studio and tested by the editorial staff (lucky guys working in that editorial staff). That means photos are clean, elegant, full-coloured: simply awesome.

2. Gnambox. (@gnambox)

Do you like light and creative food recipes? You should have a look to Gnambox. I really like the whole project Gnambox, it’s definitely one of my favourite food blogs. It has a completely different approach than the usual “search by ingredient” and recipes are yummy and easygoing. I also love the style of their Instagram account. You will find photographs of dishes they cook, but also of places they are travelling, flowers, vegetables, markets. All in bright colors, fresh style and a touch of irony.

3. Ecocucina. (@ecocucina)

Normally the accounts of bloggers who became TV personalities and published books are meant to promote their activities and there could be a a little less attention for the style of the pictures. Nevertheless, I decided to add to this list the account @ecocucina by Lisa Casali. Lisa is an expert of “green” cooking: leftover recycling, self-production, environmental friendly cooking methods (like dishwasher cooking). As an example, see one of her books about cooking in the dishwasher in the Kindle store. Even though there are many pics of the event to which Lisa attends, what I like in this account are the photos divided in two showing “before” and “after”: the dish itself and the leftovers it comes from.

4. Identità golose. (@identitagolose)

Are you interested in gourmet food and high level restaurants? This Italian food Instagram profile is for you. Identità golose is the name of a gastronomy congress held in Milan since 2005. In the years the creators of these event added other gastronomy resources to the Italian congress, among them a yearly restaurants’ guide. I’m not sure you want to try reproducing the recipes presented on the website, like “Foie Gras Royale ‘ Texture of Corn” or “Roast sirloin aromatised with vine shoots, filaments of thyme and natural colorants, ash, salt and crispy radishes”, but you can certainly dream on the pictures of their Instagram account. Professional shooting give these recipes the importance they deserve. Simply perfect.

5. Occhi ovunque. (@occhiovunque)

Valentina is a food blogger and an illustrator. That’s why Occhiovunque is, visually speaking, one of my favourite Instagram accounts related to food. The photographs of her creations are enriched by dreamy and romantic illustrations. You will find little dogs popping out from a cake, ballerinas holding star-shaped ravioli, clouds made of pine nuts. That’s how we dream of food.

6. Julskitchen. (@julskitchen)

Let’s go back to reality with Giulia Scarpaleggia a.k.a. JulsKithchen.
Her bio on Instagram says: Tuscan food blogger, food photographer, food writer. Yes, it’s all about Tuscany and you should follow her if you are interested in the food and lifestyle of the most beloved region of Italy. Other than clean and elegant photos of traditional Tuscan food, you will see here many beautiful landscapes .

7. Bye bye salsiccia. (@byebyesalsiccia)

This account is related to a very interesting blog. Bye bye salsiccia means literally bye-bye sausage. The author Fabiana Toni, as she writes in her bio, completely changed her food habits after being treated for cancer. That means you will find here inspiration for vegan, low sugar and healthy food. Nevertheless, Fabiana posts on Instagram surprisingly appetizing images of cookies and desserts.  It makes you want to start eating healthy.

8. Pane dolce al cioccolato. (@panedolcealcioccolato)

Do you love yeast leavened cakes, croissants and pie crusts? This is your place. Gabila Gerardi is a photographer. The love for still-life that she claims in her bio comes out from her Instagram profile. I love the estethic result of the whole account other than of the single shot. And I didn’t know that a yeast leavened dough could be so photogenic.

9. L’ ennesimo blog di cucina (@lennesimoblog)

“L’ennesimo blog di cucina” means the “-nth food blog”. And here’s a clean account dominated by single serve portions and white colour. Anna introduces herself as art director, food photographer and bespectacled. Her glasses are indeed often subjects of her ironic images.

Una foto pubblicata da Enrica Panariello (@chiarapassion) in data:

10. Chiarapassion.(@Chiarapassion)

I finish with @chiarapassion, the Instagram account of a blog that I often read in the sporadic moment I try to cook something new. The blog has got a lot of resources and I can say the same for the Instagram account: it’s anything but minimalist, full of warm colours, with the food as the real star. The pictures are more about cakes and desserts, the right place to go to get inspired for some comfort food in that ugly days.

So have you looked at these ten Italian food Instagram accounts for inspiration? What are you cooking tonight?