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Venice things to avoid. Venice itself?

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There are many travel blog posts about Venice things to avoid. This one is different.

My tip? Don’t visit Venice. Really, you shouldn’t. I know I write a post about my last visit in Venice. It is exactly after that I started to follow blogs and Facebook pages about the situation in Venice. I know you’ll love to go there, but I’m sure you want to be an aware tourist. You might decide not to visit Galapagos or mount Everest to preserve them. The same way, you may decide to avoid Venice. Here’s some reasons why.

lake Como
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Villa Balbianello. A house on lake Como Hollywood loves.

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In Lenno, a small country on lake Como, you’ll find villa Balbianello.

As many others villas on Lake Como, It was the buen retiro of its many rich owners and but it was also the set for some scenes of Star Wars – Episode Two and Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.

Villa Balbianello has one of the most spectacular and romantic views on the lake Como. It has an interesting story and its garden is a jewel. I worth a visit even if you’re not a Star Wars or James Bond fan.


Where to stay in Venice. Three days in San Polo.

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The streets around Campo San Polo are a perfect base to discover the Serenissima.

Are you wandering where to stay in Venice?

Consider the area around San Polo, one of Venice’s sextiers. Venice is divided in six districts, they are called sextiers indeed. The streets around Campo San Polo are good place where to stay in Venice. The area is a little less crowded than St. Mark sextier and Campo San Polo is no more than five- ten minutes walking far away from Rialto. Rialto is in San polo district indeed, but of course is one of the most crowded and expensive areas where to stay in Venice. Moreover, being in a central position you can easily reach the sextiers like Cannaregio and Dorsoduro to find less touristic and expensive bars and restaurants. Well, provided that in Venice prices are relatively high everywhere.

Riva degli Schiavoni da Palazzo Ducale #Venice

Una foto pubblicata da Paola Marzorati (@paolamar22) in data:


Dolomites hiking. The classic “Tre Cime di Lavaredo” circular trail.

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A Dolomites hiking trail you want to take is for sure the circular one surrounding famous Three Peaks of Lavaredo.

First: I’m not especially expert of mountains and hiking. That means among the different level Dolomites hiking trails you can take,  I’m recommending a easy one. You can do with children and dogs. Of course you need a minimum equipment, like wind jacket and hiking boots.

How to get there.

Starting point is Misurina with its enchanting lake. This place deserves a visit itself, even if you don’t go to the Three Peaks. The reflex of the mountains mirrors into the crystal lake creating fascinating effects. (The old hotels around makes you feel like in “Shining”, but it might be only the light, or my imagination…)

dolomites hiking

Misurina lake

From Misurina take the scenic route to the starting point of the path, the Alpine hut “Auronzo”. To access the site by car you have to pay a toll of 25 €. I know, it’s not cheap, but I guess it’s discourages the less motivated excursionists, since the trails are very crowded and the parking area around the hut is big, but not infinite. As you might imagine, this is a beautiful place, but not exactly a place where you can stay in peace far from the crowd, at least in high season. Otherwise you can park in Misurina and take a bus from there. You’ll spend 4 € (one way) for the bus and more or less the same for the car park , depending on how long you stay.

So by car or bus (did I mention you can walk?) you got to the Auronzo hut and you can start to be amazed by the Three Peaks and from the view of the Misurina lake below you.

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Leonardo da Vinci vineyard: reborn after an incredible story

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Visit Leonardo da Vinci vineyard in Milan, incredibly still there after five centuries.


This story starts in a day of January, 1920.

A gentlemen is walking in the surroundings of Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Milan. He’s carrying a bag and looks into the the construction sites of the new district. Suddenly he looks excited, extracts from the bag a strange machine and points it towards the workers who are cutting the trees to liberate the ground for the new buildings.

The man is Luca Beltrami, the most important expert on Leonardo da Vinci. The strange equipment he’s got is a camera. Beltrami is searching for the lost da Vinci vineyard: Leonardo, while painting and projecting inventions, apparently also made wine. The scholar deduced the location of the vineyard from historical documents. In that cold day he finally finds it. Exactly where it is supposed to be.

Beltrami stops a while. He imagines Leonardo da Vinci visiting his vines after a day of work at the Last Supper, just a few meters away.

Leonardo came from a family of wine makers. He got the vineyard as a present from Ludovico il Moro, duke of Milan.

da Vinci vineyard