Looking for what to do in Milan for 1 day or less? Here’s two churches and three artworks you can you can discover (for free) in Milan city center.

I’ve been asked many times what to do in Milan because it was considered just a gray, polluted and chaotic city. The 2015 World Expo in Milan was accompanied by many critics, but it had at least one result: the discovery of Milan as a touristic destination (click here to find hotels).

After years having friends from the beautiful Italian shoreline and small pretty towns mocking us for coming from such a city, it was a small payback for us Milanesi to find that New York times elected our hometown as the number one place to go in 2015.
You’ll easily find the best things to see in Milan in your first stay in many travel guides or articles like what to do in 36 hours in Milan.

Now you are looking for what to do in Milan besides shopping, Duomo and Navigli. If you’re in a long layover or in a business trip and you don’t have a lot of time, there are some other interesting things you can discover in Milan just walking around  – and completely for free.

Here’s some.