A place to eat a special pizza in Milan.

Do you want to eat a pizza in Milan? As everywhere in Italy, you’ll find plenty of pizzerie of different quality. And you know the hometown of the real pizza is Naples.

But Milan is so full of restaurants that you can find nearly everything. Today I want to talk about the fashion of “gourmet pizza”. A pretentious name, isn’t it?

And in my opinion, pizza should be simple at first.

So gourmet pizza is a contradiction itself. Or it’s not if you think of it as a pizza done with high quality ingredients and with some experimentation.

I’m not neither a gourmet nor a food writer, so I’m not able to judge this food trend.

As a local going out dinner I can tell you my favourite places where to find this special pizza in Milan right now.

Pizzeria Lievità.


Lievità, in via Ravizza, is a very small restaurant making a great pizza Napoli style, meaning thicker and softer than other you’ll find in Milan. The dough is a little brownish and when I asked a waiter he revealed with some secrecy that it’s their special stone ground type 1 flour. It’s not a great secret, half of places offering higher quality pizza in Milan now are using less refined or whole flour and long rising times. This one has 12 to 24 hours rising time.

Anyway, the pizza is very light. What I like of this pizzeria is that they have only six or seven types of pizza, most of which are variation of “margherita”.

Pizza margherita is the most simple pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basil. At Lievità they decline this pizza with selected ingredients, often having protected geographical indication. My favourite is the one with yellow cherry tomatoes and addition of ricotta cheese.

Not less important for a pizza in Milan: price from 11 to 18 euros. Not the cheapest, but still affordable.

The restaurant is quite small and they do not take reservations at dinner. You might have to queue a little bit, but I personally never waited more that 15 minutes. They are very quick.

La taverna gourmet.

About other gourmet pizza in Milan, I tried also “La Taverna Gourmet” in Via Maffei. This is quite a different concept. Pizza is the base for rich ingredients like patanegra ham, fresh tuna, meat tartare and other food you want normally find as pizza topping. Pizzas are without tomato sauce; mozzarella, if any, is added after oven. It could be a different experience and I’m not sure I would define it pizza. But out of definitions, it was a very good dinner. If you want to try, price will be quite high, but location is very elegant. The mezzanine is perfect for a romantic date.


Photo credit: Instagram.

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