My favourite 2015 Italian event? It’s definetly the performance of one thousand Italian musician playing Foo Fighters “Learn to Fly”.

Approaching the year end me and my fellow bloggers were supposed to compile lists and more lists about the best things of 2015.
Considering the topic of this blog, my task is to find the best 2015 Italian event.

The truth is: I knew the winner. It’s this:


On July 30th  this amazing video o was produced. The aim of the event was to invite the the Foo Fighters to play in Cesena, the town where the organizers come from.
Cesena is a relatively small and  town of no more than 100.000 inhabitants on the Adriatic coast. It would have been merely impossible that a band normally gathering thousands of people each concert would perform there.
– Unless one thousand Italian musicians would play simultaneously “Learn to Fly”   – must have thought these crazy people.
It took more than a year for the team behind the project Rockin’1000 to organize the performance, the milestones are in the diary in their website. The project was supported by a few sponsors, among which the municipality and by money collected with a fund-raising campaign launched on a local crowodfunding site. 
After months of preparation one thousand Italian musiacians (350 singers, 350 guitars, 150 bass e 250 drummers) gathered to record the song.
 The same day the video was released Dave Grohl answered (in Italian) saying: see you soon, I promise.

 I’m nor  a musiacian neither a big fan of the Foo Fighters, but I’m telling this story because I’m always amazed when someone is able to make possible something that looks impossible. A little voice of the cynical me told: it’ a big marketing move to launch a company or something. But I spoke to someone who knows someone and I was reassured that Fabio Zaffagnini , the geologist leading the Rockin’1000 project, did it purely for passion. And there’s another thing I love about this project. Crowodfunding is normally done fot the more diverse projects: for start-ups or charity, election campaignes, art projects. Crowdfunding  to bring your favourite band in your hometow is romantic and crazy at the same time.

Especially if you succeed, at the end.

What I like more of this video is not that how they play well or how it’s beautifully produced. I like much more to see how happy these people are to play together.

And of course there’s the happy ending. The Foo Fighters played in Cesena on 3rd November for about 3000 people.