Thanks to satellites and bird-eye pictures you can discover Italy from above and see some places that reveal their real shape. Here’s an alternative tour of Italy you can take directly from your desktop.

Looking at things from above is always interesting.

In a famous scene from one of my favourite movies, Dead Poets Society, the English teacher John Keating played by Robin Williams jumps on the desk and asks a question:

– Why do I stand up here? Anybody?

Student: -To feel taller!

– No! Thank you for playing Mr. Dalton. I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.

Italy from above 1


Thanks to satellites and drones we have the opportunity to see literally the world from above.

Just search on YouTube Italy from above and you will find plenty of bird eye views, like this.


Another way discover awesome places just sitting at your desktop is Google Maps. There are some things that reveal their real shape only when you watch them from the sky.

Here’s ten places in Italy which shape you can discover only from above.

  1. An A-shaped hotel.

Italy from above

Armani hotel in Milan is A-shaped. Just search on Google Maps via Manzoni 31, Milan. Armani did not built an A-shaped hotel to have a big logo: the palace was built in 1937 and it’s an example of Rationalist architecture. I haven’t found any clue that Armani choose this location for the hotel because of the A-shape, but I guess it’s possible.

2. A heart shaped park.

Italy from above

Villa Borghese is beautiful park, one of the biggest in Rome, with English manner garden areas, paths, lakes and fountains. It was a property belonging to the noble family Borghese since 16th century, it was later (in 1903) bought by Italy and donated to Rome. A part of it is sited on the Pincio, one of the Roman hills, from there you can see a panoramic view on Piazza del Popolo. The famous museum Galleria Borghese is sited there. And there’s another reason you will love it: isn’t it the green heart of Rome?

3. A Michelangelo’s sketch.

Italy from Above

After being abandoned for centuries, the most sacred and ancient place in Rome as renewed in 16th century and Michelangelo was asked to project the new square. Other that the famous stairway and the buildings around, he also planned the complex drawing of the square, but he never saw it. The pavement was built indeed only in 1940, following the original project of Michelangelo. It represents a twelve pointed star that expands with curved lines. There’s no better way to see it but from above. It’s enough to search “piazza del Campidoglio” in Google Maps. By the way, the “Tree of life”, a sculpture made for 2015 world Expo in Milan, is nothing else than the 3-D explosion of this drawing.

4. A patterned beach.

I’m not a fan of super-equipped beaches, with many rows of beach umbrellas very close to each other, even though I admit they are comfortable. But if you seen them from above, everything changes. The beaches on Adriatic coast look like a coloured graphic art work. To discover it, look at the works of the photographer Bernhard Lang.

5. A star shaped town.

Italy from above Palmanova

Renaissance Architects had the dream to build the ideal city, a city planned in a rational and scientific way. Sometimes this dream came true: an example is the city of Palmanova. It’s a fortress city planned by Venetians at the end of 16th century and its concept is based on number three: three main city doors, six radial main roads, nine bastions and an exagonal central square. This way this city located in North East Italy from above loos like a  nine-pointed star.

6. A perfect O

Italy from above

You can only appreciate from above the perfect shape of Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca. Why is it a perfect ellipse? The name is self-explanatory: it was built on an ancient Roman anphithatre.

7. A fish into water.

Italy from above Venice

Venice from above has the shape of a fish and the road and the railway connecting it to the mainland looks like a fishing line. Isn’t curious for a city which is built in the sea? This image is taken from the cover of the book “Venice is a fish” by the Venetian writer Tiziano Scarpa.

8. And finally, the boot.

It’s known that Italy from above has the shape of a boot with a high heel and a spur. Here’s an amazing view of Italy from the International Space Station.


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