What happen to Asia Argento in Italy after she claimed she was raped by Harvey Weinstein.

Among the women involved in the sexual scandal of Harvey Weinstein, Asia Argento is the only Italian actress. She claimed she was harassed by the Hollywood producer at the age of 21 in a hotel room. But she did not get a lot of support and compassion in Italy.

The confession of Asia Argento is one of the worst stories featured by the articles of the New Yorker magazine and the New York Times about the Weinstein case.

Asia Argento claimed Weinstein invited her in a hotel room when she was 21 and he forced her to oral sex. Then she talks about a complicated relationship with him in the next years and about consesual sex episodes later. In some interviews she said she feared to have her carreer crushed and she talks about the shame and sense of guilt she felt.

In the scandal Henry Weinstein, Asia Argento claims caused hard reactions in Italy.

But not against the producer. She was accused it’s an attempt to boost her career: hey, you don’t wait 20 years to denounce a rape. They said that she exploited sex to have roles in movies, to be a liar and a prostitute.

A national newspaper title was, more or less: first they do it, than they whine and fake a regret.

Some days after the accuse to Weinstein, Asia Argento got the support on many female voices and a female journalist launched on twitter the hashtag #quallavoltache (#thattimewhen) inviting women to post harassment episodes they went through.

It happened to me to see Asia Argento years ago while she was doing a fashion photoshooting. The set was far away and I couldn’t see a lot, but I remember how she was nice and pretty compared to her public image. She’s daughter of a the most famous Italian horror movie director, she’s tattooed and in youth she was a little bit disturbing.

She often played roles of a nasty girl.


Is she really like that? Does she deserve her haters? I don’t know and I don’t mind.

The point is: sexual harassment is not more acceptable if you don’t like the victim.

This episode is directly linked to another rape case that has recently occurred in Florence.

Two carbinieri have allegedly raped two young American students they met in a club. I was really astonished on how many comments were in some way justifying the men. The girls were drunk and they accepted a ride in the night, so there must have been some consent. Really? The fact that they were drunk and accepted a ride by two officers, people you should trust to keep you safe, would make this alleged rape even worst!

But you know what surprises me?

Sometimes the worst comments come from women. These women say things like: it happened to me and I was able to say no. With Harvey Weinstein, Asia Argento should have fight more heavily, even though he was a powerful big man. She choosed her career, she doesn’t have to complain now. (Implying that she would not have had a career without having sex with a film producer, which we can only presume).

What they point out is they, in some way, were acting morally and so they did not have problems. But they see the finger, not the moon. They don’t see they were forced to play the same game. 

Yes or no to harassment? We should never have to choose, that’s the point.

There are plenty of reasons why a woman can defend herself and another one can’t. We don’t have to be so naive to think that everithing is black or white in these situations. The forms of violence can be subtle, not necessarily physical. They can involve your career expectations, your body shape, your clothes.

Unfortunately I think in Italy they confuse the word woman with mother.

As a woman you are supposed to be nice and sweet ans have a family, otherwise there’s something wrong with you. Wife or whore. That’s what a women are for some Italian males.

For less and less males, luckily. I have great expectation on the Millenial generation to cancel this stereotype.

But there’s still a long way to go. The word feminist has become negative in Italy. You say feminist and they think about a grey-heired unmarried old hippy envying every sexy woman.

On Weinstein, Asia Argento could have been naive, or ambiguous, but we should support the alleged victim at first. I don’t want to judge the actress behaviour in this story. I just say that female condition in Italy is something we can’t stop to take care about.


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