A Dolomites hiking trail you want to take is for sure the circular one surrounding famous Three Peaks of Lavaredo.

First: I’m not especially expert of mountains and hiking. That means among the different level Dolomites hiking trails you can take,  I’m recommending a easy one. You can do with children and dogs. Of course you need a minimum equipment, like wind jacket and hiking boots.

How to get there.

Starting point is Misurina with its enchanting lake. This place deserves a visit itself, even if you don’t go to the Three Peaks. The reflex of the mountains mirrors into the crystal lake creating fascinating effects. (The old hotels around makes you feel like in “Shining”, but it might be only the light, or my imagination…)

dolomites hiking

Misurina lake

From Misurina take the scenic route to the starting point of the path, the Alpine hut “Auronzo”. To access the site by car you have to pay a toll of 25 €. I know, it’s not cheap, but I guess it’s discourages the less motivated excursionists, since the trails are very crowded and the parking area around the hut is big, but not infinite. As you might imagine, this is a beautiful place, but not exactly a place where you can stay in peace far from the crowd, at least in high season. Otherwise you can park in Misurina and take a bus from there. You’ll spend 4 € (one way) for the bus and more or less the same for the car park , depending on how long you stay.

So by car or bus (did I mention you can walk?) you got to the Auronzo hut and you can start to be amazed by the Three Peaks and from the view of the Misurina lake below you.

dolomites hiking

Hiking Dolomites Three Peaks of Lavaredo.

Time to start this classic dolomites hiking trail. What I’m going to describing is route 101, walking counter-clockwise, as most people do. The beginning is very easy and flat (it doesn’t mean you can take your skateboard, even though I saw someone trying to push a baby trolley). In fifteen minutes you reach a small chapel. About 100 m before the chapel, on the left, there’s a rock that nobody notes, but it will excite you if you like dinosaurs. And everybody likes dinosaurs. On the rock you can clearly see a tridactyle (three-fingers) fossil footprint.

Watching the steep walls of the peaks, you could see climbers attempting the legendary paths of the peaks, nearly vertical.

In about 30 minutes you reach Passo Forcella, the highest point of this track at 2.454 m.

You can take different trails, like the one just below the peaks, but if you continue on 101, you’ll reach the “Locatelli” hut. It is about mid-way on the complete path. The hut dominates a flat area where you can stop and take a rest, defending your sandwich from the alpine crows.


Well, you’ll have also the most amazing view of the peaks, from the South side.

Una foto pubblicata da Paola Marzorati (@paolamar22) in data:

Second part of this Dolomites hiking track  is slightly more demanding, with steeper slopes up and downwards, but difficult is still quite low. A walk through this debris area and you’re on your way back to the last slope to Auronzo hut, where you started. Now you can celebrate with a beer or a slice of blueberry cake.

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Una foto pubblicata da Paola Marzorati (@paolamar22) in data:


Why you want to walk this dolomites hiking track?

Well, first because it’s simply spectacular. The Dolomites are in the Unesco world heritage list for their unique views and the Three Peaks of Lavaredo are one of Dolomites most famous and beloved pinnacles. The landscape is breathtaking.



What I liked that day is that on this trail you can really feel the power of nature. If you are interested in geology you can clearly see rock layers pushed by the force of orogenesis in a diagonal position. The debris at the base of the peaks reminds you that nothing lasts forever. The vertical walls of the mountains are a stairway to the sky. You might start to understand the physical and spiritual challenge that brings Alpinists on the top of the mountains. I could sound like a two-bit philosopher, but this is really what you get to feel when your mids escapes from the noise and the crowd and gets lost in this landscape.


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