Does an Italian dream exist?

This blog was born after this question came into my mind.

I’ve always worked for international companies and I travelled abroad a few. It’s easy to find out that people have a very precise opinion about Italy and Italians. That of course does not really match with reality. I’m not only talking about commonplaces. Commonplaces just exists and we have to survive with them. Sometimes we must even accept they are true.

I’m talking about something different: Italy and Italian are not only words used for restaurant or a pair of shoes, it’s something more. A flavour, a glimpse of a certain lifestyle. I have the strange feeling Italy has become a brand.

People from around the world are interested in living the Italian lifestyle, which is not only pizza, landscapes and city tours normally offered to tourists. Maybe even in their own countries, maybe travelling to Italy, people would like to dive into history, culture and language of my country.

Italians are sometimes exploiting this dream, sometimes they struggle with it. We are living the dream whitout recognising it: we are too used to be surrounded by art and history. But everyday life in Italy is not really a dream and sometimes we just want to escape in a country with more job opportunities, recognition of talent, support to everyday life.


Hey! This is me.

This is me. First what I am not: I’m not an expat, I do not own a hotel, a restaurant or a travel agency. I live with my husband in Milan (that’s why I might write more about things in Milan), I work in sales in a chemical company, I lived for many years in the beautiful Verona, where I go back sometimes. I used to be a scientist in a far-away past. I’m a compulsive reader, I love taking photographs with terrible results, I practice yoga because I’m too lazy for any sport. I spend my free time doing thing everybody does like going to an exhibition, a restaurant or to visit a town. So I’m just someone living a normal life in Italy and with the will to share some tips.

But finally, what is this blog about?

I’d like to share my views and collect web resources about Italian culture, food, language, places, facts and people.

It’s a view from inside, so I hope you will help me by focussing on your interests by commeting or asking your questions.