Italy in autumn is at its best. Here’s some reasons why you should visit Italy in autumn.

You might think how is it to visit Italy in autumn. When I was younger I didn’t like autumn. Holiday end and it’s time to go back to school or work. September was like the real beginning of the year. It bore the anxiety of what you were supposed to do in the next months. Wake me up when September ends.

But than things change and you start to appreciate what you didn’t like before. Now I can honestly say autumn is my favourite season. Living here I can say that Italy in autumn is at its best.

Italy in autumn

So here’s some reasons why you should visit Italy in autumn.

Weather is nearly perfect for visiting cities.

Summer is normally really hot. That’s nice if you are going to stay on the beach, but it can be unpleasant to walk all day long around in Rome, Florence or Venice. Plan to come in autumn in Italy if you are going to visit cities. It’s possible you’ll find some bad weather sometimes, but it’s generally pleasantly warm in the day. I personally prefer use the umbrella sometimes than walking all day with 30 celsius degrees and more. The most you go South the most you’re still in time to stay on the beach in September, October and even November. In Sicily and Puglia they always point out how they’re still bathing in the sea when we have foggy days here in Milan.

Tree lines along the track to enter a villa is always a nice shoot… #Autumn #myregion

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Less people, lower prices.

Italy in autumn is certainly less expensive and less crowded. The reason is that Italians normally took their holiday in July and August and most of them spend their holidays within the country. Hotels might be already on low season and everything is far less crowded especially during the week.

Moreover, since most Italians are back to work, you can see our cities in their “real life” mode. I guess it’s always more interesting than visiting a city full of tourists only.


For the same reasons, autumn in Italy is the season when things begin. The Venice Film Festival is held early September, then new films are released. TV series start new seasons. Exhibitions are inaugurated. Meaning there are much more things you can do even on a rainy day.

What about food?

In Italy food changes a lot depending on the regions, but also depending of the season. Autumn in Italy is when you forget “caprese” and ice-cream and you start to taste the regional recipes again. Do I have to list some ingredients you’ll find in autumn recipes? Mushrooms, pumpkins, truffle, chestnuts, all kind of cheese, all kind of ham and salami. They are processed in soups, pasta sauces, ravioli and cakes that you hardly find in summer. It’s because restaurants in summer offer more refreshing food and also because the ingredients are not available.

And Wine?

If you’re a wine lover, autumn in Italy the season of vino novello. This wine is not matured: novello means young or new. It’s done with a special process and it can be marketed on October 30th of the same year of the grape harvest and lasts a few months because it’ s quite unstable. That’s why you drink it in autumn, its typical pairing are chestnuts. Producers started to market it in the nineties and it was really on fashion for some years. The production has strongly decreased lately, but it means only the higher quality producers are still going on with it.

Autumn in Italy is the time when you have the most number of sagre. Sagra is a fair or festival dedicated to a traditional food, product or handicraft typical of that town, village or area. Normally there are kiosks selling food and products and wooden tables to sit on. Additionally there can be music and exhibitions. You’ll find plenty of them in this website. Some has become important international events, like the Alba truffle show in Langhe region.

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Don’t forget shopping.

I know you want to go shopping while you are in Italy. It’s difficult for me to go shopping in July and August. You can still find summer sales. So you’ll still find good offers, but the average sizes are normally gone and anyway your summer wardrobe is already full. On the other side, the winter collections are already in shops, but how can you buy a woolen pullover or coat? It’s really too weird with 30 degrees outside! And you probably don’t even remember how many pullovers or coats you already have.

In autumn you can finally find the right clothes in the right season, both in luxury shops and in low cost franchising shops.

What I like the more in Italy in autumn?

Definetly my favourite season. #Autumn sun #beach

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I’ll be a little bit corny, but honest. Its light. Days are getting short, which I hate, but light is soft and warm. Autumn light make you take the best photos. Autumn light makes you see the monuments at their best. Autum light shows you the nature with the perfect atmosphere.

So don’t worry about the weather and enjoy autumn in Italy.