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October 2017

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Harvey Weinstein, Asia Argento and the reactions in Italy

2017-10-15 • By

What happen to Asia Argento in Italy after she claimed she was raped by Harvey Weinstein.

Among the women involved in the sexual scandal of Harvey Weinstein, Asia Argento is the only Italian actress. She claimed she was harassed by the Hollywood producer at the age of 21 in a hotel room. But she did not get a lot of support and compassion in Italy.

The confession of Asia Argento is one of the worst stories featured by the articles of the New Yorker magazine and the New York Times about the Weinstein case.

Asia Argento claimed Weinstein invited her in a hotel room when she was 21 and he forced her to oral sex. Then she talks about a complicated relationship with him in the next years and about consesual sex episodes later. In some interviews she said she feared to have her carreer crushed and she talks about the shame and sense of guilt she felt.

In the scandal Henry Weinstein, Asia Argento claims caused hard reactions in Italy.

But not against the producer. She was accused it’s an attempt to boost her career: hey, you don’t wait 20 years to denounce a rape. They said that she exploited sex to have roles in movies, to be a liar and a prostitute.

A national newspaper title was, more or less: first they do it, than they whine and fake a regret.

Some days after the accuse to Weinstein, Asia Argento got the support on many female voices and a female journalist launched on twitter the hashtag #quallavoltache (#thattimewhen) inviting women to post harassment episodes they went through.

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The novel Suburra, a noir. My review.

2017-10-09 • By

DeMy review of the novel Suburra, a noir set in Rome, by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini of 2013, the book that inspired the TV series on Netflix.

I read the novel Suburra immediately when it came out. It is a sequel, or better a spin-off of a previous book by De Cataldo, Romanzo Criminale, which I enjoyed a lot. I recommend both the book than the movie featuring a bunch of the most talented Italian actors.

novel suburra

Romanzo Criminale is set between the Seventies and the Eighties and it’s inspired by, not to say based on, the real Roman gang called “banda della Magliana” which was nearly powerful as mafia at that times.

Suburra takes place in Rome nowadays and talks about the dangerous intersections among crime, money and politics.

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Pizza in Milan. Two restaurants I tried.

2017-10-01 • By

A place to eat a special pizza in Milan.

Do you want to eat a pizza in Milan? As everywhere in Italy, you’ll find plenty of pizzerie of different quality. And you know the hometown of the real pizza is Naples.

But Milan is so full of restaurants that you can find nearly everything. Today I want to talk about the fashion of “gourmet pizza”. A pretentious name, isn’t it?

And in my opinion, pizza should be simple at first.

So gourmet pizza is a contradiction itself. Or it’s not if you think of it as a pizza done with high quality ingredients and with some experimentation.

I’m not neither a gourmet nor a food writer, so I’m not able to judge this food trend.

As a local going out dinner I can tell you my favourite places where to find this special pizza in Milan right now.