There are many travel blog posts about Venice things to avoid. This one is different.

My tip? Don’t visit Venice. Really, you shouldn’t. I know I write a post about my last visit in Venice. It is exactly after that I started to follow blogs and Facebook pages about the situation in Venice. I know you’ll love to go there, but I’m sure you want to be an aware tourist. You might decide not to visit Galapagos or mount Everest to preserve them. The same way, you may decide to avoid Venice. Here’s some reasons why.

venice things to avoid

Venice is beautiful, but I won’t ever live there. 

This sentence in Italy has become “the” commonplace, the example to explain what a commonplace is. Ironically someone could say among Venice things to avoid the first is a resident. But they have reasons if they’re not so kind with tourists. While tourists are more and more every year, Venice is becoming less and less populated.