cropped-logo-o1.jpgSo, here’s another “I started a new blog” post. I had a lot of thinking while projecting this blog and first of all I would like to share some of my thoughts.

I’ve always worked for international companies and I travelled abroad a few. It’s easy to find out that people have a very precise opinion about Italy and Italians. That of course does not really match with reality. I’m not only talking about commonplaces: it’s understood that every country is much more varied and complex than any commonplace can describe, therefore I don’t complain about that. Commonplaces just exists and we have to survive with them. Sometimes we must even accept they are true. Speaking with friends and colleagues, reading comments of people talking about Italy on the web and especially after my last journey to NY a thought came to my mind. Italy and Italian are not only words used for restaurant or a pair of shoes, it’s something more: a flavour, a glimpse of a certain lifestyle. Sometimes I have the strange feeling Italy has become a brand.

Does an Italian dream exist?